Checkers as you've never seen them before!

July 10, 2016

Checkers as you've never seen them before!


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Fox and Geese:

Place four red pieces (the geese) on the black squares on one king row and one black on any square in the other king row (see diagram). Either side may move first. The geese try to surround the fox, so cannot move. The fox tries to break through the geese and move to the opposite king row. The geese may only move forward, but the fox may move both forward and backward. Neither the fox nor the geese may jump. The game ends when either the fox reaches the opposite king row or when the geese corner the fox and he cannot move.

Give Away:

Place men in the standard checker positions and use standard rules. There are two exceptions. The object of this game is to force your opponent to jump your men. Each player must jump when he can and make all jumps possible in a series. The first player to lose all his pieces wins.

Shifting Pyramids:

Form two pyramids on the board, one with red checkers and one with black checkers (see diagram). Only black squares are used for this game. Players move their men forward by single spaces or by jumping their own or their opponent's men. Jumping may be in a series where possible. Men that are jumped are not removed from the board. The first player to reform his pyramid on the opposite side of the board wins.

Corner Checkers:

Place nine checkers of each color on the board as shown (see diagram). Follow standard checker rules except for these two exceptions: men may move and jump sideways, and a king may only be crowned in the opposite corner square. The object of the game is to eliminate all of the opponent's men.


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