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The Mancala family of games is one of the oldest in human entertainment. It is a game that is easy to play, but difficult to master. With respect to all the variations of the game, the rules described correspond to an asymmetric game, played with 4-6 balls.


Collect more of the balls in your mancala than your opponent. Those are the two bowls located at the end of board on the display above.


Place equal numbers of balls (4 to 6 balls) in each small bowl.


Each player owns the six bowls that face him/her, and the mancala that is to the person's right.

The first player starts by scooping all of the balls out of one of the bowls on his side (those are the only six bowls that he can move). The player drops one stone in each succeeding bowl, counterclockwise, until there are no more balls left in hand from the original bowl.

If the player happens to go by his mancala he drops a stone in, but if the player goes by the opponents mancala no balls are dropped and the player moves on to the next bowl.

If the player drops the last stone in his mancala, he/she wins another turn, and gets to move again.

If the player drops the last stone into an empty bowl on his side of the board, he/she receives that stone plus all of his opponent's balls in the bowl directly across from that bowl. This is called a capture move. Once you make a capture move the current turn is over.


When one player no longer has Balls in his bowls, the other player places all remaining balls from his bowls into His own Mancala.

The player with the most balls in his Mancala wins.

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