Customer Pictures Contest

Share Your Awesome Photo and WIN!

We would love to post awesome photos of our customers using our products.


If you have a cool and neat photo (of yourself or your loved ones) with any of our products in use or in action, and you would like to share it with the world, please email it to us and if your picture is chosen to be the winning picture, you will be awarded with Solve It Puzzles $20 gift certificate to use anytime on our online store or Pier 39 store.


The winning Photo will be posted on the Solve It Puzzles website, monthly newsletter (so be sure you're signed up to receive it; scroll down and subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom-right of this page), and Facebook page (so be sure to follow us).


Also photos that did not win the contest but are also cool and neat will be posted on our website.

Here's how you can win:
1. Buy Solve It! Think Out of the Box product from Solve It Puzzles online store or Pier 39 store.
2. Take a neat, cool photo of that product in action.
3. Email it to and we'll post it anonymously on our website.
4. Please suggest a title for the photo you send us.
5. We will announce the most unique, neat and original shot on the Solve It Puzzles Newsletter and if your picture is the winning one, you will be awarded with $20 Gift Certificate to be used on or Pier 39 store. 

- Happy, fun, smiling faces and mostly welcome
- Adult and/or kids using our products are equally welcome
- Products in use or in action
- Unique places (all over the world) are GREAT!
- Photo must not have watermark or any promotional text/ads on it
- Files only (no links to online photos or photos tagged with URLs)
- Please mention the product name and SKU in use
- Be sure to suggest a title for the photo you send

We will and cannot accept:
- Inappropriate pictures (kids and adults)
- Kids under 3 years (chocking hazard)
- Photos with watermark or any commercial or ads on it
- Links to online photos or photos with tagged URLs

Why my awesome photo is not published?
We do our best to approve as many photos as possible.
Please allow us a processing time of few days to have your photo posted (and we need even more time between October-December when we're extremely busy during the peak holiday season).

Waited enough time and you still do not see your photo posted?

Here are some reasons why this may happen:
- The photo was inappropriate in nature
- The photo was too dark or blurry, or may had watermark or promotional text on it
- The photo was of a 3 yr or less with an item that is not for such age
- The photo did not show a Solve It Puzzles product ?

Please Note: Sagol Games reserves the right to change the above promo and policy at any time without notice.