Barricade Wooden Game

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A variant of Ludo or Sorry popularized in Germanic countries during the last century, barricade combines the cutthroat nature of Sorry with a linear game board.

The object of the game is to be the first player to land a ball of their color in the white goal. Each Player chooses a set of 5 pegs placing them on the matching starting positions. The white barricades are placed on the red spaces on the board. Each player rolls the die in turn, highest roll plays first. All pegs may move forward, backwards and sideways. However they have to keep the same direction during one move. The pegs must be moved by the exact number thrown. One can pass non-white pegs of the same color or a different color. You may enter as many pegs as you want to the board during the game. All pegs start from the first black dot. If a your peg lands on a space occupied by your opponents peg, your opponents peg returns to its starting position. 

Barricades are obstacles that may not be passed. Only when a peg lands on a barricade exactly the player whose peg landed on a barricade may place the barricade anywhere except the first row. Used cleverly, barricades block other player's pegs and protect your own. The game ends when one player land exactly in the white goal.

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