Horse Race - Wooden Game

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Horse Race - Wooden Game

A simple strategic game for 2 players.

The game includes a wooden box with holes, 12 pegs in 2 different colors and a wooden die.


Place all the horses (pegs) in the stable (starting point).

The Object:

1.To finish the race with all your horses.

The Game:

A player, on their turn, throws the die and moves with one of his/her horses. A player can choose to add a new horse to the race (from the stable) or to play with one of his/her horses that is already in the race (i.e. a player can have more then one horse in the race). You should consider your moves according to the trap (hollow holes) that are scattered on the board.

The Rules:

  1. You can move one horse at a turn.
  2. A horse that ends its turn in a trap (hollow holes) falls down and starts the race again.

The Winner:

The first player that brings all his/her horses home (the colored point).

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