Mikado Pick Up Sticks - Wooden Game

Solve It

A truly ancient game, fun for all ages.

First, stand the sticks upright holding them all vertically with your hand. Let go gently and allow them to drop where they may. Each player's goal is to pick up as many sticks as he can without making the other sticks move. There were two methods used: one included the black stick in the group and it was worth the most points or players to used the black stick as a "tool" to assist in removing the other sticks.

The first player to go (determined by lottery) picks up one stick at a time until he is failed (one stick moves when he attempts to pick another up). The player sums up his points and the turn goes to the next player and so on until someone reaches 200 points. The winner is the first to total 200 points. You can use your own total if you wish. Some versions used 500. 

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