The Last Ball - Wooden Game

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The Last Ball 

2 players

Another 3d re-imagining of a classic game. Try to be the last player to have balls remaining.


Main Board with 16 holes

30 wooden balls: 15 dark balls and 15 light balls

Aim of the game:

To be the player to place the last ball on top of the pyramid.

Start of the game:

Each player alternately, puts a ball from his hand onto the board.

When a player makes a square of 4 of their own color they may take one or two of their balls from the board back to their hand.

At the beginning of a players turn instead of bringing a new ball from their hand they may move a ball of theirs on the board up to a square of four balls(of any color) higher on the board instead of playing a new ball from their hand.

Balls can only be moved or removed if they have no balls on top of them.

END OF THE GAME: The winner is the one who places his last ball at the top of the pyramid

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