Heavy truck - 3D Wooden model


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ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle for Adults Vehicle Building Kits to Build Brain Teaser Toys for Kids 1:40 Scale Model Heavy Truck.

  • 1:40 Scale Heavy Truck Model Kit Replica. In 1980s is the birth of heavy truck. Self-assembly truck model kit, classic car model.
  • Through the self-assembly of models, it helps people to understand the principles of mechanics better. Assembly takes patience but no unusual skills, and the finished look is a joy to behold.
  • Purely physical assembly, no glue needed. Step-by-step, easy to follow assembly guide is included. Just take off the puzzle pieces, install according to the instruction. Fun scale model car kit to build.
  • Enjoyable to build, and turns out an amazing car model kit. Worthy addition to your model collection. Its brain-teaser character makes it a great puzzle gift for kids and adults on any occasion.
  • We provide extra wooden pieces in case of being broken during your assembly process.

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