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This Imagic strategic game is intended for 2 players. It is played on board with 9 hollows. It includes 8 pegs  (4 yellow and 4 red) and 34 cards.

 How to play:

 1) Each player receives 4 playing pieces of one color. The cards are shuffled and 5 are distributed to each player, which must be kept hidden from the opponents’ view. The remaining cards are placed face down in a pile on the table.

 2) The player who has the lightest-colored pieces makes the first move by placing any one of their pieces in the vacant hollow, then the next player moves one of their pieces to the newly-empty hollow.

 3) When one of the players has succeeded in forming a pattern with his pieces which corresponds to the pattern on one of his cards, he places that card face up on his side of the table. He then draws another card from the deck. The player who is the first to get 5 cards on his side of the table wins the game.

Category: 2 Players aged 6+., Family Games

Type: Unknown Type

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