The Last Ball - Wooden Game

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The Last Ball 

2 players

Another 3d re-imagining of a classic game. Try to be the last player to have balls remaining.


Main Board with 16 holes

30 wooden balls: 15 dark balls and 15 light balls

Aim of the game:

To be the player to place the last ball on top of the pyramid.

Start of the game:

Each player alternately, puts a ball from his hand onto the board.

When a player makes a square of 4 of their own color they may take one or two of their balls from the board back to their hand.

At the beginning of a players turn instead of bringing a new ball from their hand they may move a ball of theirs on the board up to a square of four balls(of any color) higher on the board instead of playing a new ball from their hand.

Balls can only be moved or removed if they have no balls on top of them.

END OF THE GAME: The winner is the one who places his last ball at the top of the pyramid

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Board Game with Balls

The Board Game with Balls is a physical tabletop game played by hitting a ball back and forth across a board using paddles. Players win when the ball lands in the opponent's goal. This game demands skill, coordination, and strategic thinking and can be played by either two or four players.

The last ball of the game is usually the deciding factor in determining the winner, leading to a tense moment as players attempt to outmaneuver each other and score the winning goal. In conclusion, this game is an enjoyable and engaging activity suitable for players of all ages.

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