Cast Quartet - Hanayama Metal Puzzle

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Cast Quartet - Game Rank 6 

The most challenging of the cast puzzles, this unique puzzle has two different solutions once all the pieces are taken apart.

Perfect gift for a puzzle fan who love challenge!


Hanayama Quartet

The Hanayama Quartet Puzzle comprises four sturdy metal pieces, each in the shape of an "L". These pieces are intricately designed with curves and angles. As a result, it's typically challenging to separate them and then put them back together. Solving the puzzle requires a combination of dexterity, spatial reasoning, and logic.

It's an ideal challenge for people who enjoy puzzles and want to test their problem-solving abilities. The Hanayama Quartet Puzzle is a popular gift item and a beloved choice among puzzle enthusiasts. Whether you're an adult or a young person, this puzzle game will hone your problem-solving skills.

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