Ludo - Wooden Game

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A classic game played in many cultures with slight variation. First found in India during the 6th century in America it is known as Sorry and still played almost identically to its original design.

Players in turns, race each other around the circuit to be the first to get all of their colored pegs to the HOME-Base.

Each player picks a set of colored pegs and places them in the starting Squares of the same color.

Take turns rolling the dice, each player must roll a six before moving a piece onto the track from the starting position. During the game when a player rolls a six they get another throw.

The pegs move as to the number shown on the dice .If the ball lands on one of your opponents they are knocked off and must return to the starting position. If one of your pegs lands on top of another peg of yours - it forms a block. Your block cannot be passed by any of the opponents pieces.

When a peg completes all the way round the board, it can enter the HOME column. To land in the HOME you must throw the exact number.

The winner is the first player to get all four balls into the HOME.

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