MahJong - Wooden Game

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MahJong (mah-JONG)

With its origins in Qing Dynasty China, Mahjong, meaning sparrow, has evolved and spread its wings throughout the world.

 In MahJong, the player’s fate determines first his or her position. Will it be by the roll of the dice? Or will it be by choosing one of the Wind tiles: East, South, West, and North? Then seated at his or her respective Cardinal Point, the player must collect and discard tiles to form a winning hand from the 144 tiles adorned with Chinese characters and symbols depicting dragons, flowers, seasons, and bamboo.

 As you skillfully whittle the beautifully carved and carefully hand-painted wooden tiles into a winning hand, can you hear the chattering of the sparrows?

 A wooden collector’s box and detailed instructions help you to cherish this piece of Qing culture for years to come.

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