Fancy Pyramid - Wooden Puzzle

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Think from the outside and build inwards to solve this puzzle.

20 balls made up of 6 straight parts. Two pieces are made from four balls, four pieces are made from three balls. Try to assemble all the pieces to a triangle base pyramid.

Pyramid Wood Puzzles

Pyramid wood puzzles provide an enjoyable and stimulating way to exercise the mind and enhance problem-solving skills. These puzzles consist of wooden blocks arranged in a pyramid shape, and the objective is to disassemble the pyramid and then reassemble it to its original form.

The wooden pyramid puzzle offers an excellent opportunity to sharpen mental acuity while engaging in a fun activity. Additionally, it can improve patience, focus, and concentration as one works through the steps of disassembling and reassembling the pyramid. Furthermore, the tactile sensation of manipulating the wooden blocks can provide a satisfying experience, making it an activity suitable for individuals of all ages.

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