Don't break the bottle - Wine Puzzle - Wooden Brain Teaser

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Don’t Break the Bottle:

 Wine Puzzle. Hand-crafted wooden brain teaser.

 Hilarious or cruel (depending on whether you’re the giver or receiver of this gift), this party game rewards you with one last great bottle of wine, provided you can remove the lock in 4 moves.

 Can you unlock the last bottle without cutting the rope? Or will you break the bottle?

 It is also compatible with whiskey, vodka, and other similarly dimensioned bottles of alcohol (or non-alcohol).

* Wine bottle not included.

** Please contact us if you interested to engrave your logo on it.

Wine Bottle Puzzles

Wine bottle puzzles, also known as wine bottle brain teasers, are puzzle games that involve disentangling a corked wine bottle from a series of ropes or metal rings that are interwoven around the bottle. These puzzles can vary in difficulty, from relatively easy to quite challenging, and often require a bit of creative problem-solving and critical thinking to solve.

Wine bottle puzzles have become a popular gift item and party game, as they provide a fun and interactive way to pass the time while enjoying a glass of wine. Overall, this puzzle game offers an excellent way to exercise your brain and have some fun with friends and family.

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