Why wooden puzzles are good for kids?

September 27, 2023

Today there are a multitude of puzzles and brainteasers available, all unique and challenging. What are the benefit to play with them?


- Puzzles are a self correcting learning tool, the way children handle the pieces/turn them, help them to be critical.


Triopuzzle Puzzle


- It’s is a good way to learn a new language, asking for the shape of the piece, the color etc…


Color Match Brain Teaser


- Puzzles teach basic  math concepts and more evolved depending on the puzzle, when the child has to organize the different pieces, see how much are left to put in.


Tower of Hanoi 


- It helps to coordinate Eyes and Hands, thinking with your eyes but what you can really do with you hand.


Barrel 3D Puzzle


- For young children it helps to develop the Motor Ability, strength of the child by handling pieces.


Farm Cube


- It improves the social skills, encourage the cooperation to complete the puzzle, take turn and solve each other problem.




- Perseverance, encourage to have a sense of accomplishment which boosts his self esteem.


Archimedes Puzzle


- Adaptability and thinking outside of the box, finding the different ways to put the pieces, learn from past experiences.

Logs Puzzle 


- Develop the creativity, imagination, when a solution is not working try to find another way to solve it. Try new shapes, new designs, new colors…


Chocolate Chip Cookie Puzzle



Keep challenging your mind!