The Double Magic Box

September 27, 2023

The Double Magic Box

When someone first walks into our store on Pier 39, often out staff will begin by challenging them to find the secret compartment in this beautifully handcrafted wooden box. At first glance it looks like just a beautiful piece of wood crafting, but as they play with it they reveal there is so much more hidden than they eye first sees. As our staff gives hints and encouragement, the first secret compartment is found and the thrill of solving the seemingly unsolvable take holds. But you are not done with just the first compartment being revealed, because that just unlocks the access to the second compartment, where anything could be hidden. Once you know there is a second compartment you are determined to find it, because a puzzle cannot be left unsolved only half way. You have found the second compartment, and by know you are smiling, excited and proud you have achieved something you did not know could be done when you first stepped into the store.

(And this is just one of the many puzzles you can play with and explore in the store) 

You can bring this feeling of fun and excitement to all your friends as well. 

Imagine this fine piece of wood on display in your home, your guest marvel at the craftmanship, but you know hidden inside the secret compartment is something of value to you. As they ask about the box, you let them know there is a surprise inside, but only to those who can find the secret compartment. The student now become the teacher, as you are the one giving hints and encouragement, enjoying the secret knowledge you have and laughing with your friends as they challenge themselves, eventually also getting the thrill of success.

Or imagine a child or teacher who has learned the secret of the double magic box, carrying it with them, challenging their friends and students, getting them to look away from their screens as they try a game that is more difficult and more fulfilling than the ones on their phones. Developing their problem solving skills and having fun in the process.


This double magic box is the perfect introduction to puzzle solving, just challenging enough to have the thrill but achievable for the novice so they get the feeling of accomplishment.