Puzzle and Games Engravings: Tailored for You

April 17, 2024

We know for ourselves that discovering that perfect, unforgettable gift is easier said than done. That’s why we decided to step in. We’re passionate about transforming the gifting experience through the artistry of wood engravings on our Wooden collection. It’s not just about giving a gift; it’s about creating a moment, a memory that lasts.

Memory Marks

With our custom engravings, you're invited to inscribe brief, meaningful messages or wishes, turning a gift into a cherished keepsake. We have something for all: from adults to kids and beginners to pros, everyone can find something special.

What do we offer?

  • Quality and Durability: We use high-quality Monkeypod wood to ensure our engravings are not only beautiful but also durable and splinter-resistant.
  • Customization: We work closely with you to ensure your message will be accurately reflected in the engravings.

How to order/Prices:

You can start with just one piece for personal orders. Engrave your message for $3, making any gift uniquely yours. With options for everyone, you can find the perfect fit. Email us at yelena@solve-it-puzzles.com for memorable gifts.