October 08, 2019


Once upon a time, the great king of Madasgascar sent his messenger to his sons and issued them a simple challenge: the first of the two sons to return to their ailing father and king would be named the new king. When the elder son received the message, he was immersed in the challenging game of Fanorona, allowing his younger brother to return home and claim the throne.

Fanorona is a wooden strategy board game of 22 balls on each side, one black and one white. The goal is to have the last ball on the board, a concept that is very easy to grasp but is difficult to master.

How often do you get the chance to feel like royalty and change the course of history? We at Solve It! at Pier 39 in San Francisco would like you to experience this first hand. Then, you too can take it home and share Fanorona with others.

Or you can get it online by going here: